• Amelia Hayes

This is my Fight!

This week, I’ve been fighting to get my clients out of jail so they can be home with their families for the holidays. Many of them are sitting in our jail simply because they can't afford bail. They haven't been convicted of a crime, they aren't accused of doing anything violent, yet their lives are unraveling before their eyes because our criminal justice system is failing them. It’s breaking families apart, and it’s breaking our communities apart.

As a Public Defender, this is my fight. For more than a decade, I've dedicated my life to giving everyone a fair shot and a second chance. Public defenders don't get rich or famous from our work, and we don't often make the headlines, but when we see our clients reunited with their families or found innocent after long trials - it's all worth it.

I'm committed to making our criminal justice system work the way it should. And that's why I am the best candidate for Court of Common Pleas Judge - General Division. I will fight to level the playing field so that all criminal defendants are treated fairly, regardless of how much money and resources they have.

I was honored to have so much support from the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Executive Committee last night, and today my campaign is in full swing moving into the March 17 primary.

Thank you for believing in me and in our communities.


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