• Amelia Hayes

The Legacy of Dr. King

Our team took some time this morning to watch this incredible service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta - Dr. King's pastoral home. The speakers and performers were all incredible - particularly Shaker Heights native Jamil Smith when he reminded us that Dr. King wasn't an enemy of the state, he was an enemy of the status quo. We should all strive to be an enemy of the status quo. We loved what Dr. Brené Brown shared too. Watching other peoples' pain isn't enough. We can't be unfeeling spectators, even when it feels overwhelming.

Dr. King's legacy matters every day of the year and his lessons can last a lifetime. Today isn't just a celebration of his life and an acknowledgement that we appreciate his work, it's an opportunity to look inside ourselves and see the work we have to do next. We see everyone out here doing that hard work every day, and we're so grateful to be in community with such strong, driven activists.

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