State Senator Nickie Antonio

“We need smart judges with fresh energy and a commitment for fairness for all. Jennifer O’Donnell fits that bill.”

Kahlil Seren

“It’s time for a compassionate, thoughtful judge who represents the people who rely on the public defender’s office on the Court of Common Pleas. Jennifer is experienced, capable, and the best candidate for the job. That’s why I’m so proud to support her.”

Cleveland Heights Vice-mayor

“Jennifer has the right combination of background, empathy, and temperament, in addition to her legal skills, that would make her an ideal judge for our courts.”

University Heights Mayor

Michael Dylan Brennan

Dan O’Malley

“Jennifer O’Donnell’s commitment to fairness, justice, and equality have been evident throughout her entire life and career. She has the experience and integrity to be a great judge. I am proud to be supporting her.”

Lakewood City Council President

Dale Miller

“I strongly endorse Jennifer O’Donnell for Judge of Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. I am particularly impressed with her commitment to pursue bail reform and diversion of the mentally ill and addicted to reduce the number of people incarcerated in our community. Her leadership will improve public safety by enabling people to avoid extended exposure to the criminal community when it isn’t necessary.”

Cuyahoga County Council

Julian Rogers

“It’s time for a compassionate, empathetic voice on the bench. Someone who’s worked with the people in our communities who have been hurt by the criminal justice system and know what they’re up against. We need someone who has experience as a public defender speaking out against the barriers other people might not see. That’s why I’m voting for Jennifer O’Donnell for the Court of Common Pleas.”

Cuyahoga County Council
past member

“As a mother and experienced public defender, Jennifer O’Donnell will bring some much needed and long overdue balance to our bench. Please join me in supporting Jennifer O’Donnell for judge!”

Cleveland Heights - University Heights Board of Education

Dan Heintz

“Jennifer has precisely the background and experience we need in our judges here in Cuyahoga County. She has my enthusiastic support.”

Fairview Park
City Council President

Michael Kilbane

“Because of Jennifer O’Donnell’s experience as a public defender, I believe she offers a unique strength to the Court of Common Pleas. She will offer a fresh perspective and a compassionate yet objective voice on the bench.”

Parma Ward 8 City Council representative

Linda Kohar

“Jennifer O’Donnell has a heart for the community and the knowledge to change our justice system. She is honest, fair and transparent. She is a thoughtful and forward thinker. It’s time to move our community forward.”

Senior Pastor, The Empowerment Church

Anthony Mattox Jr.

“Jennifer has the knowledge and energy to make much needed changes in the Cuyahoga County Jail System. She’s approachable and engaged and genuinely committed to the governing will. Please join me in voting for Jennifer O’Donnell for Judge of Court of Common Pleas.”

Fairview Park City Council

Bridget King

“I’m proud to support my labor sister Jennifer O’Donnell for the Court of Common Pleas. As an educator, a parent, and a civil leader myself, I know how important it is to have a voice like hers on the bench. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jennifer O’Donnell on March 17.”

Cleveland Heights City Council

Davida Russell

“I find Jennifer O’Donnell to be principled, fair, and driven. I trust that she has the necessary experience to serve Cuyahoga County well and bring her compassion and empathy to the bench to represent a part of our community that has been overlooked for too long.”

Cleveland Heights City Council

Melody Hart

“Jennifer O’Donnell will make an excellent judge. As a Cuyahoga County public defender she has represented thousands of county residents. As we fight for reforms in our bail system, prisons, and criminal justice we need her years of experience on the court.

2018 Congressional nominee OH-16

Susan Moran Palmer

“Jennifer wants to guide people in the right direction. We don’t need a judge who just wants to lock people up, we need a judge who works to find solutions. I believe Jennifer O’Donnell can do that.”

Cuyahoga County Democratic Party executive committee member

Carol Ford

“Jennifer’s dynamic energy and diversity of experience, particularly on the defense side of the courtroom, is a perspective that deserves greater representation on the bench. Join me in supporting Jennifer O’Donnell for judge.”

Newburgh Heights Mayor

Trevor Elkins

“Jennifer is honest and direct about the need for reforms, in Cuyahoga County's justice system. She's uniquely qualified to lead reforms that are transparent, fair, and will better serve our community. I fully endorse Jennifer O'Donnell for Judge.”

Lakewood City Council Member At-large

Tristan Rader

"I’m proud to endorse Jennifer O’Donnell for Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court. Given her work as a public defender and her commitment to issues like bail reform, I know she has the experience and skills we need on the bench."

Cleveland Ward 12 Democratic Ward Leader

Rebecca Maurer

“The experience that Jennifer O'Donnell will bring to the Court of Common Pleas is compelling and needed. Public defenders like Jennifer work day in and day out to ensure that all people in Cuyahoga County have access to proper counsel. For our community's legal system to work for all of us, voices like Jennifer's are needed on the bench.”

Cleveland City Council
Ward 17 Representative

Charles Slife

“Jennifer O'Donnell embodies the values of the Progressive Caucus. She fights injustice every day as a public defender and she has deep concern about what’s happening in the county jail. Her candidacy fits perfectly with our organization's values and I couldn't be happier to support her in this election.”

Middleburg Heights Heights Democratic City Leader and
Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus
Political Director    

Steve Holecko